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How Your Teen Can Become a Safer Driver

Are You Protected in Case Your Teen Causes a Serious Accident?

Do You Know if Your Teen is Driving Safely - ALL The Time?

Why You Should Get a 21 Point Protection Review

Are You Paying Too Much For Your Teen's Car Insurance?

Step One
Sign Up For VIP Access.
As a VIP, you will get exclusive access to our consumer reports that will explain the critical coverage needed for families with teen drivers, show you how you can make your teen a safer driver, and how to slash the high cost of insuring your teen driver.

Step Two
Call Our Office for a 21 Point Family Protection Review.
Families with teen drivers have special insurance needs. One of our Family & Teen Driver Agents can review your coverage and help you get the right protection for your family.

Step Three
Let Us Help You Make Your Teen a Safer Driver.
We have many proven tools that can help you get peace of mind knowing your teen is driving safely. Our 16 Step Driving Course, GPS Teen Tracking System, Parent/ Teen Driving Contract and much more will help you prevent your teen from getting costly tickets and causing dangerous accidents.

Are You Protected In Case Your Teen Causes a Serious Accident?

The worst just happened.

Well, almost the worst. You get a call from your child who just started driving without you. "Uh...hello mom. I was just in an accident."

Fortunately, your child was able to call you but you must ask "Are you okay?"

Then you wonder about the others that are possibly involved.

"Was anyone riding with you?" 

"Was anyone hurt?" 

"What about the other driver and anyone in their car?"

Your emotions go through the roof and you realize that this could be the worst phone call you could ever get. The good news is your child is okay. The bad news is that someone else is not. And it's a result of your child's negligence.

Let's pray you never get this call or a call from someone else that tells you your child's been in an accident.

But, what happens if you do get a call like this? What if there are some serious injuries or damage to property? Are you protected? To be more specific - Are you protected for a lawsuit? A lawsuit that could cost you everything you have worked so hard for?

It's hard for you or me to put a value on someone's life. But, if someone is paralyzed or even killed in a car accident, how can you repay that person's family or provide for their care if they survive?

Well, here's what will happen. You will pay. The courts will decide how much and over time, you will pay. Unless you're protected.

I hate to be so blunt, but this is serious and it's something you must consider. Especially, now that you have an inexperienced driver in your household.

So, how can you make sure you are protected?

I'll tell you how. And I am willing to help you.

Start by Signing up for VIP Access (see lefthand column for details)

By signing up for VIP Access, you have access to my Special Report, "The Critical Coverages Every Parent Must Have for Their Teen Driver!" This report will show you , as a parent of a teenage driver, how you should be protected. There are special coverages and one very important policy you should have that are discussed in this special VIP report.

You will also get a FREE subscription to my monthly e-zine, Driver's Seat. This monthly e-zine will be sent directly to your e-mail box every month. It features the latest tips and advice from me and my friend, Master Police Officer and accident investigator, Officer Jim Poer.

Plus, You will get the opportunity to sign up for a FREE 21 Point Protection Review. This Protection Review will uncover any possible gaps in your current policies that could leave you uncovered if you are involved in a lawsuit!

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website and I commend you on taking the steps to helping your teen become a safer driver.