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How Your Teen Can Become a Safer Driver

Are You Protected in Case Your Teen Causes a Serious Accident?

Are You Getting the Most VALUE for Your Insurance Dollar?

Do You Know if Your Teen is Driving Safely - ALL The Time?

Why You Should Get a 21 Point Protection Review

Are You Paying Too Much For Your Teen's Car Insurance?

Step One
Sign Up For VIP Access.
As a VIP, you will get exclusive access to our consumer reports that will explain the critical coverage needed for families with teen drivers, show you how you can make your teen a safer driver, and how to slash the high cost of insuring your teen driver.

Step Two
Call Our Office for a 21 Point Family Protection Review.
Families with teen drivers have special insurance needs. One of our Family & Teen Driver Agents can review your coverage and help you get the right protection for your family.

Step Three
Let Us Help You Make Your Teen a Safer Driver.
We have many proven tools that can help you get peace of mind knowing your teen is driving safely. Our 16 Step Driving Course, GPS Teen Tracking System, Parent/ Teen Driving Contract and much more will help you prevent your teen from getting costly tickets and causing dangerous accidents.

Are You Getting the Most Value for Your Insurance Dollar?

You've probably heard the saying "You Get What You Pay For". That saying is true for a lot of things we buy.

We see commercials all the time about how you can save money this way or by switching to this company. The cell phone companies bombard us. And yes, even the insurance companies bombard us too.

Unfortunately, it's hard to figure out who to trust. I can't tell you how many cell phone providers I've used over the years, just because I trusted their advertising to be true. I'd switch for better service or make the mistake to switch for a lower rate. I seem to always end up being dissatisfied.

I guess if a company wants my business bad enough, they can spend a small fortune on advertising and there's a good chance they'll get it. If not my business, they get millions of others to buy in.

But you have to be careful with insurance, especially insurance for families with teen drivers. You have special needs and your needs must be handled by someone that understands your needs. Someone that can make sure you're getting the right protection and also make sure you're getting the most value for your dollar.

That's what I specialize in.

You see, I've spent my years in this business helping folks like you get the right protection at a fair cost. There are some things you can scrimp on, and quality insurance protection is not one of those things.

There are insurance companies out there that can offer you the lowest rate. They can also give you the lowest quality of customer service or even worse, the lowest quality of claims service- just when you need them the most.

Being an insider in this business, I've seen it all. I know how insurance companies can treat folks- good and bad. I also know how I want my clients to be treated. And that is…

I want my clients to get exactly what they are paying for- quality insurance protection at a fair price!

I may not be able to offer you the absolute lowest rate, but I will be fair. You will get the protection you must have as a parent of a teen driver. You will get every discount I can possibly give you. And you will get our honest advice and promise that we will look out for you when you need us.

Here's what you won't get. You won't have to pay for a huge advertising budget that places hundreds of commercials every hour across the country. You won't get an 800 phone number for an agent that is in "who knows where" to handle your needs. And you won't get someone that doesn't care about you!

So, here's how you can get the protection you need at a fair price.

Go ahead and get a quote now by clicking the "Instant Quote Now" button on the right of this page. You'll find that we're competitive but sometimes these quoting systems aren't the most accurate. There are extra discounts that you may qualify for and the best way to get the lowest rate for the coverage you need is by calling my office for a FREE 21 Point Protection Review.

If you're reading this after business hours, you can send us a request for your FREE 21 Point Protection Review by clicking here. We'll call you at a good time that's convenient for you.

By requesting your FREE 21 Point Protection Review by clicking here, we'll also give you VIP Access to our Exclusive Area of this website. With VIP Access, you'll be able to read our Special Reports that give you everything need to know about teen driver protection and safety.

You will also get a FREE monthly e-zine that will be sent directly to your e-mail box every month. It features the latest tips and advice from me and my friend, Master Police Officer and accident investigator, Officer Jim Poer.

As a Special Bonus, you can sign up for our Teen Driver Safety Course. This safety course will help your teen become a better driver and prevent the common mistakes teens make that can increase you insurance rates!

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website and I commend you on taking the steps to helping your teen become a safer driver.