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How Your Teen Can Become a Safer Driver

Are You Protected in Case Your Teen Causes a Serious Accident?

Do You Know if Your Teen is Driving Safely - ALL The Time?

Why You Should Get a 21 Point Protection Review

Are You Paying Too Much For Your Teen's Car Insurance?

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As a VIP, you will get exclusive access to our consumer reports that will explain the critical coverage needed for families with teen drivers, show you how you can make your teen a safer driver, and how to slash the high cost of insuring your teen driver.

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Call Our Office for a 21 Point Family Protection Review.
Families with teen drivers have special insurance needs. One of our Family & Teen Driver Agents can review your coverage and help you get the right protection for your family.

Step Three
Let Us Help You Make Your Teen a Safer Driver.
We have many proven tools that can help you get peace of mind knowing your teen is driving safely. Our 16 Step Driving Course, GPS Teen Tracking System, Parent/ Teen Driving Contract and much more will help you prevent your teen from getting costly tickets and causing dangerous accidents.

Are You Paying TOO MUCH for Your Teen's Car Insurance?

How did you feel the day you called your insurance agent to add your teen to your car insurance policy?

Kinda shocked, huh?

Well, unfortunately most insurance companies charge a small fortune for teens to drive. And they have good statistical data why they have to charge these rates. The truth is that teen drivers are most likely to cause accidents and make their insurance company pay out higher claims than experienced drivers.

So, they automatically assume that your teen is going to get into an accident and they jack your rates up real high in case he or she does.

This is the type of company you don't want to be insured with!

There are insurance companies that view teen drivers differently. Instead of charging one high rate for every teen driver, they use other factors to give rates that are more appropriate.

What do I mean by more appropriate rates?

For example, if you take a teen driver that comes from a family whose parents have had tickets and accidents, I can almost guarantee you that this teen driver is going to have tickets and accidents.

If you take a teen driver that comes from a responsible family of safe drivers, it's more likely the teen driver will be a safe driver and may not ever get into an accident.

There are insurance companies that understand this and they reward responsible families with lower rates!

So, how do you find these companies? That's where I can help you!

Since I understand families need help to like you, I know which companies reward responsible families. Let me and my team of Family Protection Experts find an insurance company that can reward you!

Contact my office and start saving NOW!

I have helped hundreds of families like yours get the most value from their insurance protection. Let me help yours!

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