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How Your Teen Can Become a Safer Driver

Are You Protected in Case Your Teen Causes a Serious Accident?

Do You Know if Your Teen is Driving Safely - ALL The Time?

Why You Should Get a 21 Point Protection Review

Are You Paying Too Much For Your Teen's Car Insurance?

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Sign Up For VIP Access.
As a VIP, you will get exclusive access to our consumer reports that will explain the critical coverage needed for families with teen drivers, show you how you can make your teen a safer driver, and how to slash the high cost of insuring your teen driver.

Step Two
Call Our Office for a 21 Point Family Protection Review.
Families with teen drivers have special insurance needs. One of our Family & Teen Driver Agents can review your coverage and help you get the right protection for your family.

Step Three
Let Us Help You Make Your Teen a Safer Driver.
We have many proven tools that can help you get peace of mind knowing your teen is driving safely. Our 16 Step Driving Course, GPS Teen Tracking System, Parent/ Teen Driving Contract and much more will help you prevent your teen from getting costly tickets and causing dangerous accidents.

These Parents Now Have Better Protection at the Lowest Cost!

"After recovering from the shock of how much it would cost for my son to drive, I decided to do some shopping. I checked with several other companies and had no luck in saving any money. Then I received a postcard from Paramount and thought I would give them a try. They offered me a rate I couldn't believe. They also took the time to explain to me that with a young driver, I should think about making some changes to my coverages- changes that made a lot of sense. So, I increased my coverage and was able to save $1398!"

Chip Holden, High Point, NC (Client Since 2005)

 "You Guys Are Great! Not only did you SAVE ME MORE THAN $650, you gave me much better coverage. I wish I found out about you years ago, not to mention the day my son turned 16! He's been driving for almost 3 years. That would have saved me almost $2,000. I'd love to have that money back. Thanks."

Mark and Melanie Bowles, High Point, NC (Client since 2005)

 "We have worked with Paramount Insurance for several years and were very pleased with the coverage and prices Tom and Sharon found for us. Then our teenage daughter got her drivers license. The increase almost pushed me to think about a part time job! But Tom checked other companies for us, and in the end, saved us about $1400 a year. We get not only the best in insurance, but the best personal service I've ever had! Thanks Paramount!!"

Jim and Wanda Poer, Greensboro, NC (Client Since 1999)

"YOU SAVED ME $1638 on my car insurance! When my daughter started driving, our premiums shot through the roof. Then a friend told me to call you. I did and you saved me a bundle.  Thanks."

Marshall Hegler, Lexington, NC (Client Since 2004)

 "I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate all the assistance and wonderful service you have given to my daughters and me throughout the years! I have only nice things to say about you both. Sharon, thanks for going out of your way at times to help us!"

Cindy Bogard, High Point, NC (Client since1996)

"I have never met my prior insurance agent for the last 5 years I have lived in North Carolina and she has never given us the service and attention Tom and Sharon have afforded us in just a few weeks since we met them. Tom and Sharon are honest and truly service-oriented; the products are great and I know we will save a lot, even with two teenage drivers getting added to our policy."

Don Adviento, High Point, NC (Client Since 2005)

"I like the friendly and personal service that I receive when I contact your office. I also like the interest you show in saving me money"

Robert S. Graham Jr., Greensboro, NC (Client Since 1998)

 "A lot of insurance companies just offer insurance, but what makes you so much better is the customer service is above and beyond outstanding! Thank You." "Sharon is so wonderful and very helpful!"

Aaron Griffiths, High Point, NC (Client since 2001)

"The seminar was a re-enforcement of what I often teach my kids about being a safe driver. Having Tom speak about insurance and Officer Poer go over accident statistics said it all for me. My kids relate better and understand that driving is a full-time job and know the consequences of unsafe driving, not just financially, but also the tragic loss of lives because of the lack of experience and misjudgment among young and inexperienced drivers. Thanks, Tom for the wonderful seminar!"

Don Adviento, High Point, NC (Client Since 2005)

 "I was insured by S... F... for over 10 years and never paid any attention to my policies. I just kept renewing each year and had no idea how I was getting ripped off. You saved me $438! Thanks."

Daren Nunn, Thomasville, NC (Client Since 2004)

"I can't say enough good about Tom Wiecek and Paramount Insurance. About three years ago, my wife had an accident in her new car. Thank God she and my daughter were ok, but her car was badly damaged. I called Tom on the way to the scene and since it was the other driver's fault, Tom told us exactly what to do and he helped us make sure our claim was handled right! Thanks Tom."       

Mac Lane, High Point, NC (Client Since 1996)

"Insurance is an expense for something you hope you never need.  You must have an agent you can depend upon to provide the right coverage at the lowest cost.  I can always depend on Tom and Sharon at Paramount to look after my best interests."

Steen Spove, Winston-Salem, NC (Client Since 1996)

"233 Bucks! That is how much you saved me on my insurance. When my last agent took almost 3 weeks to handle my claim, I knew I had a problem. Then I found how much he was overcharging me. Now I have more money in my pocket and your service has been EXCELLENT!"

Ken Hoffman, High Point, NC (Client Since 2004)

"It's pretty simple- I trust Tom. Otherwise, I would be buying my insurance from someone local instead of someone 100 miles away."

Randy Lowder, Granite Falls, NC (Client since 1994)

"I've been insured by you guys for the past 9 years. You have always been there when I needed you and have treated me like a person, not a number. Thanks!!!"

Charlie Brown., Huntersville, NC (Client since 1994)

"I like the part that you can shop my policies with numerous companies to find the best and most cost effective policy."

Dan Alwine, High Point, NC (Client since 1995)

"Tom's vast knowledge results in him working with us as a consultant, with our best interests at heart."

Kristel Kellner, High Point, NC (Client since 1999)