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How Your Teen Can Become a Safer Driver

Are You Protected in Case Your Teen Causes a Serious Accident?

Do You Know if Your Teen is Driving Safely - ALL The Time?

Why You Should Get a 21 Point Protection Review

Are You Paying Too Much For Your Teen's Car Insurance?

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As a VIP, you will get exclusive access to our consumer reports that will explain the critical coverage needed for families with teen drivers, show you how you can make your teen a safer driver, and how to slash the high cost of insuring your teen driver.

Step Two
Call Our Office for a 21 Point Family Protection Review.
Families with teen drivers have special insurance needs. One of our Family & Teen Driver Agents can review your coverage and help you get the right protection for your family.

Step Three
Let Us Help You Make Your Teen a Safer Driver.
We have many proven tools that can help you get peace of mind knowing your teen is driving safely. Our 16 Step Driving Course, GPS Teen Tracking System, Parent/ Teen Driving Contract and much more will help you prevent your teen from getting costly tickets and causing dangerous accidents.

Attention Parents: You CAN Teach Your Teen To Driveā€¦ Safely!

Is your teen ready to drive safely without you? If you're not absolutely certain, then you need the 'Teach My Teen To Drive' teen driving course!

Absolutely FREE! Compliments of your
local agent!

It's sad to say but it's true. Driving Schools simply cannot teach teens to become the safest of drivers. And they can't give them enough experience to avoid dangerous situations on the road. Supervised experience behind the wheel along with a step by step program can give your teen the skills and ability to become a safer driver. That means...

It's up to you to make your teen a safe driver!

Driving instruction experts recommend that new drivers should have at least 100 hours of experience behind the wheel before driving unsupervised. With the Safe Teen Driver Guide, you can give your teen this experience plus, teach your teen the most important skills to safe driving.

This Guide is Valued at $59 and Offered Exclusively by a Protection Agent.

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