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  Discover How You Can Make Your Teen a Safer Driver Preventing Car Accidents and Costly Tickets.  
  Young Drivers are Likely to Cause Accidents that Lead to Devastating Lawsuits. Find out How You Can Protect Your Family's Assets.  
  There are Ways You Can Slash the High Cost of Insuring Your Family with a Young Driver.
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Discover How You Can Get Peace of Mind Knowing...

  • Your Teen is a Safe Driver
  • You are Protected In Case Your Teen Causes an Accident
  • You are NOT OVERPAYING For Your Family's Car Insurance!

This site is dedicated to helping you get through this trying time as a parent of a teen driver. Inside, you'll find a local family and teen driver agent that can give you peace of mind knowing your teen is a safe driver, your family is protected and you're not overpaying for your car insurance.

We all know...
• Car crashes are the leading cause of teenager deaths
• Teen car crashes are more likely to result in high judgement lawsuits
• Your house and life savings are on the line
• Is your teen a safe driver?
• Are you protected in case your teen causes a serious car accident?
• Do you have an agent that is focused on protecting families with teen drivers?

You CAN Reduce the Likelihood of Your Teen Causing an Accident, Protect Everything You Own, and Lower the Cost of Your Insurance!

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Look for Special Discounts on Your Teenage Driver's Car Insurance

If you're the parent of a teenager soon to be licensed, brace yourself for your next car insurance quote. Teenage drivers are five times more likely than older drivers to be involved in an accident and their accidents result in more expensive repairs and injuries.

Insurance companies aren't willing to assume this risk without significant premiums on the group to offset it. There's really no such thing as cheap insurance; if it's cheap, you probably aren't adequately protected if an accident happens.

So you need to educate yourself on all the available discounts in your area and make sure you get all of the discounts you deserve on your next auto insurance quote, especially when you consider the high cost of insuring your teenage driver.

Excellent grades: studies have shown that teenagers with higher grades are less likely to have accidents. So be sure to ask your agent whether he represents any companies that give discounts on their quotes for excelling in school.

Driver's education or defensive driving courses: Even without discounts, this investment in your teen's driving future is worthwhile because it will teach him to be a better driver. Since the more experience and training your teenage driver has, the lower the risk of an accident, some insurance companies offer discounts on their quotes for successfully completing these courses.

GPS monitoring system: Install a GPS monitoring system in your teenage driver's car and both of you will benefit. If she breaks down or locks her keys in the car, roadside assistance is just a phone call away. You'll have the peace of mind of knowing that she is driving within the parameters you've established (both speed and area) and where her car is at any time. In addition to those benefits some insurance companies will offer discounts on your car insurance quote as well.

Type of vehicle: Select an inexpensive car that has an alarm system, air bags, anti-lock brakes, and daytime running lights. Don't buy a restored antique, large SUV or sports car for your teenage driver. These vehicles are more expensive to insure. Contact your insurance agent before buying a car for your teenage driver. He or she can give you a quote on the cars you are considering.

Higher deductibles: The higher your deductible the more you will save on your insurance quote, but be prepared to cover this expense if an accident occurs.

Combine policies: The biggest discount available to parents is the one resulting from having your auto and home insured with the same company.

Now if you're working with the right insurance agency, one who specializes in helping families like yours, you probably already know all the above. If you're not, you should find one in your area and let them provide your auto insurance quote. They will make sure you have the right protection at the best price possible. A good place to search for an agent who specializes in helping parents of teen drivers is www.familyinsurancespecialist.com or www.teendriverinsurance.com.

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