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  Discover How You Can Make Your Teen a Safer Driver Preventing Car Accidents and Costly Tickets.  
  Young Drivers are Likely to Cause Accidents that Lead to Devastating Lawsuits. Find out How You Can Protect Your Family's Assets.  
  There are Ways You Can Slash the High Cost of Insuring Your Family with a Young Driver.
Find Out How Now!

Discover How You Can Get Peace of Mind Knowing...

  • Your Teen is a Safe Driver
  • You are Protected In Case Your Teen Causes an Accident
  • You are NOT OVERPAYING For Your Family's Car Insurance!

This site is dedicated to helping you get through this trying time as a parent of a teen driver. Inside, you'll find a local family and teen driver agent that can give you peace of mind knowing your teen is a safe driver, your family is protected and you're not overpaying for your car insurance.

We all know...
• Car crashes are the leading cause of teenager deaths
• Teen car crashes are more likely to result in high judgement lawsuits
• Your house and life savings are on the line
• Is your teen a safe driver?
• Are you protected in case your teen causes a serious car accident?
• Do you have an agent that is focused on protecting families with teen drivers?

You CAN Reduce the Likelihood of Your Teen Causing an Accident, Protect Everything You Own, and Lower the Cost of Your Insurance!

Recent Articles

Teen Driver Education - Can You Count on the High School to Properly Train Your Teen for the Road?
By Tom Wiecek, President of the Society of Family Insurance Specialists

It is recommended by driving instruction experts that every teen should have 100 hours of supervised time behind the wheel. However, in driver education classes provided by the high schools and even most private driving schools, supervised driving time is limited to just a few short hours.

It understandable that with so many young drivers to train that these schools just aren't capable of providing the time required to give a teen the experience needed to handle the dangers on the road. That is where you must come in.

As a parent, you need to spend the time practicing skills and educating your child on how to avoid making dangerous mistakes.

There are many home study courses on the internet, but your TeenDriverInsurance.com local agent can provide a 16 Step Home Study Driving Course for FREE. This course contains a clear outline of the basic skills your teen needs to know and understand before getting behind the wheel without supervision. It also provides practice exercises that you can use to give your teen this greatly needed experience.

It begins with basic car maintenance and includes practice exercises on braking, turning, proper following distance, avoiding the most common mistakes and much more.

For more information on how you can get a FREE copy of this course valued at $59, contact your local TeenDriverInsurance.com agent. This agent can also help you get the proper protection for your family now that you have a teen driver in your household.

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