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This site is dedicated to helping you get through this trying time as a parent of a teen driver. Inside, you'll find a local family and teen driver agent that can give you peace of mind knowing your teen is a safe driver, your family is protected and you're not overpaying for your car insurance.

We all know...
• Car crashes are the leading cause of teenager deaths
• Teen car crashes are more likely to result in high judgement lawsuits
• Your house and life savings are on the line
• Is your teen a safe driver?
• Are you protected in case your teen causes a serious car accident?
• Do you have an agent that is focused on protecting families with teen drivers?

You CAN Reduce the Likelihood of Your Teen Causing an Accident, Protect Everything You Own, and Lower the Cost of Your Insurance!

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How to Choose the Right Driving School for Your Teenager
By Tom Wiecek, President of the Society of Family Insurance Specialists

In most states, it is required that new drivers get instruction by an accredited driving school. Many times parents will assume that the first driving school they encounter is their only choice. Kids are given the information at school, take it home and parents simply enroll them without doing any research.

The quality of driving school instruction can vary tremendously. Before enrolling your teen into a driving school, you should consider the following.

  • Instructor experience - They should be certified by the Department of Motor Vehicles of the state in which they reside in as a certified driving school instructor. Education-wise, they should have a minimum of either a high school diploma or a general educational development diploma. Furthermore, they should have completed a 30 hour driving school instructor's course of study within the first year of acquiring their instructor license. Generally this means they must also pass vision tests, written tests, road sign tests, and instructor road tests that are specifically designed for driving school instructors.
  • Quality of cars used for instruction - You want to make sure that the driving schools cars are being maintained well, and have the safety features you require for your teen driver. Mid-sized cars are preferable to compacts. The cars should also have a passenger side braking system.
  • Any complaints on the school and instructors - Check with your Better Business Bureau as well as your PTA to determine if there have been complaints or problems reported about the driving school you're considering.
  • Accredited for insurance discounts - since one of the benefits of participating in a driving school can be discounts on your auto insurance, make sure the school is accredited for these discounts before signing your teen up.
  • Curriculum - Determine how much time will be spent in the classroom, in simulation and behind the wheel. The more hours behind the wheel with your teen gaining practical experience, the better. Review the guides being used to ensure all critical issues are covered, and to know which areas you'll need to concentrate on providing after the driving school is completed.
  • Amount of behind the wheel experience. In most states, 4 to 6 hours of actual driving experience is required. It is most important that teen drivers get as much experience as possible while being supervised. Once you find out how much the driving school provides, see if it is possible to get additional experience. Of course, you will want to provide even more experience under your supervision.

This is the time as a parent when you should take every step possible to make your teenage a safer driver. His or her future depends on this. Although professional driving instruction is very important, you should also spend as much time as possible guiding your teen behind wheel to becoming a safe and responsible driver.

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