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What You Should Know About ...

What You Should Know About ... Your Teen Driver's Education

By Tom Wiecek, Certified Insurance Counselor, President
Society of Family Insurance Specialists

Inexperience and immaturity are the most attributed causes of teen driver accidents and fatalities. 16 year olds are at the most risk and account for more accidents than any other age. Driver error, speeding, distractions from passengers, alcohol, night driving and low seatbelt use are the most common reasons for the higher accident rates.

16 year olds also have the highest fatality rate and cause the most fatal car accidents.

It is for these reasons parents must take responsibility of their teen driver's education. By spending time teaching and practicing skills your teen can become a safe responsible driver.

The driver education provided by most professional driving schools should be considered the foundation for your teen's education. Most of the time spent at a driving school is in the classroom and very little time is actually spent behind the wheel. With so many students in a driver's education class, individual driving time is very limited. Of course, professional driver education is very important, but you must supplement this education.

Here is how you can give your teen the best in driver education.

Give Your Teen at least 100 Hours of Supervised Driving Time with a Structured Teen Driver Education Guide Book

As new drivers gain experience, the likelihood of an accident drops significantly. Therefore, the best way to reduce this likelihood is to give your teen as much experience as possible. Driver education experts recommend at least 100 hours of supervised driving time.

This time should not be spent just driving around town without a plan or some kind of guideline for teen driver's education. You should make this time most productive by using a structured lesson plan and practicing the most important skills for the young driver to master.

There are many home study courses on the internet, but your TeenDriverInsurance.com local agent can provide a 16 Step Home Study Driving Course to you for FREE. This course contains a clear outline of the basic skills your teen needs to know and understand before getting behind the wheel without supervision. It also provides practice exercises that you can use to give your teen driver this greatly needed experience and education.

It begins with basic car maintenance and includes practice exercises on braking, turning, proper following distance, avoiding the most common mistakes and much more.

Here is the Table of Contents of the Safe Teen Driver Guide.

Table of Contents Pg. 2

Introduction Pg. 3

Obtaining a Learner Permit Pg. 4

Obtaining a Driver's License Pg. 5

Top 5 Mistakes Teen Drivers Make Pg. 6

Vehicle Orientation and Maintenance Pg. 7

Lesson 1:  Getting Started  (Letting go is hard to do) Pg. 10

Lesson 2:  Parking Lot  (No shopping cart races) Pg. 13

Lesson 3:  Parking  (We don't mean at the drive-in) Pg. 15

Lesson 4:  Leaving the garage  (Sometimes you have to go backward to go forward) Pg. 17

Lesson 5:  Neighborhood driving  (80% of accidents are 7 miles or less from home) Pg. 19

Lesson 6:  City Driving  (Cruisin for a Bruisin) Pg. 21

Lesson 7:  Traffic Lights  (Ready - Set- Go) Pg. 23

Lesson 8:  Country Roads  (Wind in your hair, out on the open road) Pg. 26

Lesson 9:  Open Roads  (Going straight, does not mean going fast) Pg. 28

Lesson 10:  Highway Driving (I can't drive 55!) Pg. 30

Lesson 11:  Night driving  (Blinded by the light) Pg. 33

Lesson 12:  Bad Weather  (Wind, Ice, Snow, Rain - Just like the Mailman) Pg. 36

Lesson 13:  Accidents Happen  (Oops I made a mistake) Pg. 38

Lesson 14:  The High Price of Driving  (Scared Straight) Pg. 40

Lesson 15:  Map reading  (In search of B3?  You sank my battleship) Pg. 42

Lesson 16:  Your Teen is now licensed  (This is the beginning of a beautiful relationship) Pg. 43

11 Safety Tips Every Parent Should Enforce:  Pg. 44

Resources:  Pg. 45

Websites Pg. 45

Driving Schools Pg. 45

100 hours may seem like a lot of time to commit. But you know that there is there is nothing more important than your child's life. As you progress though this process, you may at times feel that you've accomplished enough and want to end the training early. Don't let this happen.

Remember, 100 hours is the minimum recommended supervised driving experience. Your teen driver's education is really just beginning, even after 100 hours.

Think about the years and number of hours you've spent behind the wheel. Do you still make mistakes? Do you sometimes find yourself narrowly avoiding an accident because you were a little careless?

Well, your teen driver doesn't have the experience and education to realize that little careless mistakes can lead to tragedy. Most importantly, they don't understand how to react to dangerous situations and avoid them.

The more time you spend on your teen's driving education, the more opportunities will arise that could lead to a bad outcome. If you are in the car with your teen when something bad happens, you'll be able to guide him or her through this critical situation. And when they are out on their own, that experience and education will help them when it occurs again.

If you would like to learn how you can make your teen a safer driver, improve your teen's driver education, and protect your family, enter this site and a local Family Insurance Specialist will be glad to help you.

You can also find out how you can get a free copy of our Safe Teen Driver Guide, the key to your teen driver's education.

There are many other tools found inside TeenDriverInsurance.com including a Parent/Teen Driving Contract and 101 Safety Tips for Teen Drivers. Plus, you can learn about a system that can instantly make your teen a safe driver. It's a GPS monitoring system that alerts you every time your teen drives at dangerous speeds or breaks other rules that you have set.

So, enter your zip code now and protect what is most important to you ... your child and your family's future!

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